Medmeasure is an app that was design to help people to find the different between two different medice as well see the pros and cons between them as well. We also wanted to make this as user friendly as can be.

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Meal Planner

The goal of this app was to make it easier for the user to find food he/she likes and be able to click on that meal they find and see what restruant it is from and also see how its made as well

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The design of this app was to make it easier for user that are looking for food, that is vegetarian but also for anyone else that is trying to find food they like or something that's new that there willing to try but also go somewhere new.


Radiant Dark

This is a game im currently working with my team members and this what we where able to do in the ten weeks we had to make a game.The main part i worked on was the UI/UX of the game.